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August 22nd 2021

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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Jun 19 2002 @ Canyon Theather Augora Hills, CA

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On Stage


1. Party At Ground Zero
2. Karma Tsunami
3. The Devil Made Me Do It
4. In The Heat of Angrrr
5. Behaviour Control Technician
6. Are You Wid It
7. AIDS & Armageddon
8. Skank n' Go Nutts
9. Housework
10. Ma & Pa
11. Skankin' to the Beat
12. Frey'd Fucking Nerve Endingz
13. Riot
14. Demon in Here
15. Premadawnutt
16. Freddie's Dead
17. Swim
18. Fishbone is Red Hot


10 photos

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© Lamar Miles

© Lamar Miles

© Lamar Miles

© Lamar Miles
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1 review
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

My wife and I drove WAYYYYY too far past the venue, thanks to a no-good Yahoo map. That was the first time in many years of use that the dot-com directions failed me. We missed DeadWeight, but Nerre said they were good. We met Keisha and Nerre by the bar, and I saw our old friend Cory, aka Kung-Fu Monkey Robot in the pit during Skank 'n' Go Nuttz. The club is old, but well-kept. Two bars flank the dance floor, which is bordered by many, many floor rugs which have been sewn together. There are old chandeliers hanging from the rafters, a 30'x30' stage, and two light grids. Overall, a nice place.

Angelo began with a little bit of the Me-Me Show. They started with Party At Ground Zero, indicating that they had moved from there to here. Angelo told the crowd we would be hearing a lot of new shit tonight and they made good on the promise. Some of the lovely oldies included in the set were the aforementioned Party, Ma & Pa, and best of all, Behavior Control Technician.

Let me mention that I've never before seen a show with NO pit. It was different, but about 20 people were dancing to save the world, so it kinda made up for it. The big security apes seemed surprised by the slow night of work. The whole night was weird. I got lost, apparently Norwood showed up about 5 minutes to 10 (which was the listed showtime) due to a traffic snarl on the freeway near his house, and Weapon of Choice did not perform. This resulted in a long set from DeadWeight and a strange lull of energy in the first portion of the show.

Our Fine Gentlemen performed Skank 'n' Go Nuttz, Demon, Primadawnutt, Exqueeze Me, and a few others. Sorry, I didn't take notes, just drank and danced for this show. Angelo was not as voluble as usual, so we just heard a few stories about growing up in Woodland Hills, very nearby the venue. Sadly, the new CD was not available at the merch table, but the new EP was, as were red FUCK RACISM t-shirts, the heavy sweatshirts with the traditional logo on back and FISHBONE on front, and husband and/or wife beater shirts in white and black with the trad logo and FISHBONE/FUCK RACISM in a circle around it. They also had Dirty Walt and Dr. Madd Vibe CDs and the MaddVibe book for sale. There were no cameras in evidence at the club. Angelo did make mention of from the stage, so perhaps we will see some updates soon. Spacey T has never sounded better nor played faster at a show I have witnessed. Norwood even commented on it from the stage. By the way, 'Wood looks like he dropped 20 lbs. and is quite skinny right now. Looks good on you.

All in all, worth the drive to a remote locale. A full 1 hour, 45 minutes of Fishbone and cheap drinks. I'd rather pay $20 to see them there than $15 in Orange County. I'll see you all at Renfield's next show, Thursday, July 11 at 10:30 p.m. at The Gig at 7302 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood...right?

Enjoy Your Evening -

Mr. Marz


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Fishbone & Canyon Theather

Fishbone played already at Canyon Theather once.
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Fishbone is not scheduled to play Canyon Theather anytime soon.


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