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February 19th 2022

Riverside Municipal Auditorium
Riverside (CA)

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Jun 15 2003 @ Circole degli Artisti Roma, IT

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119 photos

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1 review
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

OK so you havent seen them since 91 and last year after a very long wait for them to return when I could see them they cancel coz they are stuck on some ferry in dover (with no other chance to see them on the same tour due to PhD completion). So you pass your viva and you get a job in Rome, moving from the sunny shores of England to the music void that is Rome (or so I was told). Imagine the feeling when its announced that the bone are coming to town, so after lurking on this list for the last 4 years I finally get my oppertunity to experience all you have been writing about (as 91 is just a distant memory, did I really see them???).

One thing its a hot as hell here 37 celcius and it got a whole lot hotter. Sitting outside the venue in a very civilised bar drinking a very dodgy Guiness with 5 virgins (4 italians and 1 ozzie) waiting for the unknown (well they did have me harping on as a source of information, but perhaps I was going on a little). When who should I stumble upon, but Angelo dressed very aptly for the weather talking with the barman very animatedly which is strange as this guy could not string 2 english words together, forcing me earlier to try out my well bad italian. So I asked about the new realeases only to get the Jah Jah on the telephone thrust upon me for 15 euro, 5 cheaper than at the desk!! But I wanted to know about the bone, is it going to be EP or LP and when? seems he had no idea at all what format and when and told me they are trying to find the cash from other sources as they were broke. At this point I suggested better merchandising as a money spinner and he appologised for all the agro caused and he was quite ablivious to it but very sad it happened. Anyhow not wanting things to get too serious I left wishing him and the band a good gig.

All I know of song lists was that somewhere in there was a mix of good and not so good (for me swim) old and new. I have never took notes, be it mental or physical for set lists, sorry for the vagueness I know will frustrate some (but if I strain those memory cells a little I can recollect cholly, everyday, Ma & Pa, Oh and some others, stop it, it hurts) Any how Norwood had the customary sideless piece on plus mask for the first few songs, Walt was as aloof as ever allthough I got a smile when I shouted for dear god (which they promptly didnt play). Spacey was professing love for 2 of the italin girls I took along. As usual angelo held the perfomance together as far as crowd connectivity was concerned. He even at one point pulled the barriers closer to the stage (bizzarely there as there could'nt have been a hundred of us), as well as traversing the mixing desk trying to get the sound together (although it was too distorted, the horns were lost, but strangely the theremin (spell?) was very prominent) and surfing the sparse crowd (at one point I carried him around singing with him).

The venue was nice in that after the show I got to meet all the band as I went to the toilet as they were sharing it. I thanked them all and begged for a LP next time only to return to my friends finding spacey with the 2 girls I brought along (whether he copped off I will let your imagination work, not ruining my new found friendship with them, but I will tell you they are nice girls). This was my first gig in Italy and I found the crowd a little stiff, but I strongly believe my geordie influence and Angelo's charisma (OK possibly moreso the latter) got them a little looser by halfway through the set and in the end I am sure they were forming a little pit, but that could be just my imagination overworking.

The beat was spot on, now who was that fish guy?? Any how a night to remember and worth the wait, but not so long the next time.

Neil (missing Newcastle united/brown ale)


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