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February 19th 2022

Riverside Municipal Auditorium
Riverside (CA)

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Location :Portugal
Fishbone Soldier since :1989


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02 May 2008Kafe Antzokia Bilbao (ES)Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9 20 photos5 videos1 reviewAn ordered setlist was submittedNo recording has yet been submitted.4 'hoodsters in attendance


Boti's reviews

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Kafe Antzokia (ES) - 02 May 2008 [review written 03 May 2008] new


Once again incredible performance by Fishbone!!! They started very strong from the beginning. At a song in the first part of the concert, Angelo invited the crowd to the stage and for 5 minutes there were around 20 people dancing on the stage!!! GREAT. 

Bilbao BBK Live Festival (ES) - 22 Jun 2007 [review written 24 Jun 2007] new

Excelent performane. Some Fishbone Soldiers, and for sure a lot more new soldiers after the powerfull performance.

Angelo and De Andre Gipson surfing into the crow several times.

Thanks Fishbone!!!

Plateruena Kafe Antzokia (ES) - 27 Oct 2006 [review written 30 Oct 2006] new

Hello, Kaixo!!!

The concert was incredible. Angelo seems to be in his second younghood!!! 2 hours of pure energy!!!

A 10 for the stars and a little bit less for us...I took 2 setlists (Angelo's and Norwood's) and they had prepared a second bis...with Servitud on it!!!

Eskerrik asko FISHBONE!!!

Ritmo & Compas (ES) - 21 Jun 2003 [review written 31 Oct 2006] new

MOVING. That was what it was to me to see Fishbone live for the first time...

So many years in my adolescence listening to them, dreaming with their beats and suddenly I was 2 meters from Mr Angelo Moore in the club bar...I was so excited that I couldn't say anything to him or to any other member of the troup.

Eskerrik asko FISHBONE!!!


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