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June 4th 2023

Le Gueulard +
Nilvange (FR)

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Fishbone All We Have Is Now (the wait is over !)

by Nijumu
Feb 23 2023

Fishbone has just released the song All We Have Is Now. It is the first single from the upcoming EP that is produced  by Fat Mike of No-FX (that will be released in 2023).

The song has been written by Norwood Fisher.

The line-up on the song is Norwood Fisher, FISH, Angelo Moore, Christopher Dowd, Walter Kibby,  and Mark Phillips (on guitar).

Even if John Steward is in the video, it is FISH on drums.

All We Have is Now  is the first release of a studio recording since Intrinsically Intertwined (2014).  The new song is the first studio recording with Chris Dowd since his return with Fishbone in 2018 and its first since 1993 (30 years ago !!!). Even if  we don't know if Chris played or not on the Nuttsactor 5 demo tape from 1994.  Of course Estranged Fruit is from 2020 : but it was live : Fishbone played Estranged  Fruit @ Week-End at Fatty's, Sept 12, 2020. 



All We have Is Now is the 1st release on the @bttglabel compilation #BrokenMusicForBrokenPeople

You can listen to it on spotify, but it's on i tunes too...


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