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Want to meet other familyhoodsters between shows? The Nuttwork is out there for you, available in many forms !




    Fan Pages

    • The Atomic Underground
      The oldest Fishbone website
    • So many millions ?
      The fb group companion to fishbone live org admnistrated by Nijumu since january 2013. Join us on facebook if you want to talk about fishbone, actual or past members, side projects & related bands. And to have all the latest news about the band. ><((((°> MUSIC THAT STICKS IN YOUR THROAT Fishbone, Dr Maddvibe, Year Of The Dragon, Maddvibesbrassband, Trulio Disgracias, Weapon of Choice... ON TOUR ALWAYS
    • fishbone japan
      Great site, have a look even if you don't speak japanese!


    • 2007 Norwood Interview
      Norwood talks about the new lineup, the story behind JAB, and ska in the movies, among other themes
    • Fishbone interview on NPR
      Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher created the legendary punk-ska group Fishbone when they were junior high school students in 1979. They talk to Farai Chideya about their new album, Still Stuck in Your Throat, as well as the meaning and impact of black rock.
    • Fishbone's Renewed Reality
      Interview with Norwood Fisher of Fishbone by Matt Munoz, Bakotopia / Mento Buru
    • Fishbone history primer in LA weekly
      One of the most thorough article describing the history of the band from junior high in the valley until "Psychotic friends Nutwerx"



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