Tour Dates

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Fishbone tour dates brought to you by and Please beware that while and strive to give you the most accurate information (as of  Sep 19 2014) on upcoming tour dates, you always should confirm with the venue that the show is actually happening before making long distance trip arrangements... Check for more details.
09/13/2014CA: Independent, San Francisco
09/14/2014CA: Sofa Street Fair, San Jose
09/18/2014IN: Birdy's Live, Indianapolis
09/19/2014IL: Martyrs', Chicago773.404.9494
09/20/2014IL: Martyrs', Chicago773.404.9494
09/25/2014MA: Sinclair, Boston
09/26/2014PA: Milkboy, Philadelphia
09/27/2014MD: Shindig Festival, Baltimore
09/28/2014RI: Manchester 65, West Warwick
10/29/2014FL: The Side Bar Theatre, Tallahassee
10/31/2014LA: Voodoo Music Experience Festival, New Orleans
10/31/2014LA: Joy Theather, New Orleans
11/01/2014TX: Circuit of the America's Fan Fest, Austin
11/12/2014FR: Le Hangar, Ivry=>Cancelled<=
11/23/2014UK: The Hairy Dog, Derby=>Cancelled<=

SA = Fishbone is the support act / TBC = to be confirmed, tentative date