Lyin' Ass Bitch : guits 


On this song you have 3 parts 
1.	Intro, pre-chorus and post chorus part
Bb-Cm. You play each chord four times.

Chords diagrams:
   Bb   Cm
E  6     8
B  6     8
G  7     8
D  8    10
A  x     x
E  x     x

2.	Verse part
Bb-Dm-Eb-F. All chords are played a full 
measure (four times).
   Dm   Eb
E  5    6---
B  6    8---
G  7    8---
D  7    8---
A  x    x---
E  x    x---

F same position as Eb but on 8th fret

3.	Chorus part.
Same positions as the two first parts. 
Eb/F is one measure only (Two times for each chord).

Then we have a bass-line part on low E and A. 

After the last chorus and post-chorus 
we have the bluesy ending on the D string

D-8-6-5-4-3 and two chords F and Bb.

Fanch Bone

© Fishbone

Warning : This tablature was contributed by a fan and represents his/her interpretation of the song and not the official music. You may only use this tablature for private study, scholarship, or research.


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