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February 19th 2022

Riverside Municipal Auditorium
Riverside (CA)

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Thanks to everyone's contributions, this site is the largest internet resource dedicated to Fishbone. To date, the familyhood has contributed 1430 reviews, 6055 photos, 1533 videos, 308 live recordings for 2919 shows since 1983 !

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February 2022

Sat 19th@Riverside Municipal Auditorium Riverside (CA) (support)(0)

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by Nijumu
Jan 11 2022
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AMAZING PERFORMANCE and interview of fishbone in Japan, I think done in february 1992 (not sure of the year : it's strange there's Kendall but not Chris !). Incredible intro to this video ! Including a TV perfomance of Sunless Saturday for this Japanese show. "Introducing FISHBONE, directed by Tsuyoshi Takashiro EX TV". First time I see this.

John Steward is back in Fishbone

by Nijumu
Dec 02 2021
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John Steward posted today (Dec 2, 2021) this message on facebook : "Im excited to announce that I have been called and reinstated back to Duty with FISHBONE. "

The post was on a picture of John with a Fishbone's Cap on his head in front of his drumkit 

Cancellation of the show opening for Mr Bungle on Sept 17, 2021 @ the Radius.

by Nijumu
Sep 15 2021
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Due to mental health reasons Mike Patton had to cancel all his shows of september and october of Mr Bungle and Faith No More. So the show with fishbone opening for Mr Bungle, at the Radius on September 17 in Chicago, is cancelled.


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